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Just so you know, there is an APEX demo app. out there that never has seen the light. The demo application based on Mark Drake’s (Sr. Product Manager Oracle XMLDB)  XFiles xmldb demo application build with Javascript, Java & PL/SQL. Carl Backstrom helpt Mark in 2008 to rebuild the same demo app. into an APEX look and feel demo application. Carl wanted to clean up the code but never came around to it… I recieved the code from Mark, after a year has passed after Carl’s tragic death, and I am trying to get it out there (if applicable on http://apex.oracle.com). The XFiles demo application is a lightweight Content Management System that demonstrates all the things possible with Oracle XMLDB functionality.

The installation dependancies have been almost now figured out by me and I have finally something to show.

XFILES Apex Folder Browser Main Page

Have a look at the posts on XFILES – In Rememberance of Carl Backstrom

It is a lot of “reverse”-enginering work, fitting the pieces together, grabbing code from all over the place on the internet, and although I think myself proficient after working for 15 years or so with the database, progress has been slow. I already spend a lot of free time into it, trying to figure things out to create an installation manual that I will add to the code the moment I will send it off into the community.

To suppress myself from wanting to do it too perfect, I restricted myself via a promise that I will release whatever I got, before the Dutch Sinterklaas bank holiday (5 December).



If you need a start into XMLDB, and/or (propably/I don’t know the exact presentation content) want to see the XFiles in action, then see Marks presentation during this years UKOUG Conference Series Technology & E-Business Suite, in Birmingham, called: “Overview of Oracle XML DB in Oracle Database 11g

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Marco Gralike, working for AMIS Services BV as a Principal Oracle Database Consultant in the Netherlands, has experience as a DBA since 1994 (Oracle 6). Marco is also eager and skillful in other fields, like Operating System Administration and Application Servers, mainly to find working, performing solutions. Marco has been specializing in Oracle XMLDB, since 2003, focusing on his old love, database administration and performance. He is an Oracle XMLDB enthusiast ever since. He is also a dedicated contributor of the Oracle User Group community, helping people with their steep XMLDB learning curve. To this purpose, Marco also devoted his personal blog site to XMLDB and other Oracle issues. Marco is a member of the OakTable network and an Oracle ACE Director (specialization Oracle XMLDB).

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