JDeveloper 11g on Linux


It has been awaited for a long time. But now it’s finally there: JDeveloper 11g! At the time of this writing (Tuesday, October 7, 11:20 AM CEST), only the Linux download works. Fortunately I run Debian on my laptop. Here’s some screenshots of the installation.


First of all prove of the fact that I have the latest installation file: WebLogic is included.

Installation in progress:


The new QuickStart screen

And finally, there it is:

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Wouter is Java consultant at AMIS


  1. Alessandro I. on

    Probably the most important thing is missing from your article: how to install the SOA extension which is always a challenge due the Oracle website.

  2. Wouter van Reeven on

    That’s right. However, inspecting the page source reveils the links where JDeveloper can be downloaded from. I tried all and only the Linux bin version worked this morning.