Not able to open forms pages


The problem

Last week I installed some updates for windows and internet explorer. After installing I tried to open a form page, but instead of opening forms my internet explorer disappeared without any warning.
I retried this a few times, also in other environments but the problem occurs every time. So it must be a local problem, and it should be related to the updates. The simplest thing to do was uninstall the updates, but I tried to fix the problem without uninstalling the updates. The updates are not there without a reason.


To resolve the problem I first had to find out whether I could find an error message or not. I could remember that in the java console sometimes an error message is displayed.
So before I opened a forms page, I opened the java console (in internet explorer, go to tools and select java console). After the Java console was ‘up’ I opened the form page.
Indeed this time I get an error message (See screenshot below).

Error message


On Google I looked for this error. I get many possible reasons for it:
– uninstall C++ related products
– uninstall Google toolbar
– there’s a lack of service pack


I hadn’t any C++ related products installed. The same counts for the Google toolbar. But I found out that I hadn’t installed a service pack at all.
So I installed Service Pack 3, it took me about 2 hours, but after this installation I was able to open forms pages again.

A colleague of me had the same problem, for him uninstalling Google toolbar was the solution.

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  1. I had similar problems (reported earlier upon on this weblog) when I installed Oracle’s (!) DBA Toolbar… Uninstalling it immediately after, solved my problems as well…