Closing the Gapp on Oracle Open World?


I don’t know about you, but while I try to make an interesting Oracle Open World schedule for me this year, I noticed that this is not an very easy task via the Schedule Builder. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t provide a selection on a per day basis. It would make my selection more easy if they would have implemented a method that would allow me to filter on a topic per day basis.

While fiddling around with the option in the Schedule Builder, I noticed that, regarding the AMIS entries, Gerwin’s presentation about Oracle performance tuning called: “Jumping The GAPP” hasn’t been given any attention yet. In my believe, you should really do yourself a favor because Gerwin’s presentation is really worth going to.

It will provide you with a good understanding how to apply a performance method, while being bound by, for instance company-, restrictions that won’t allow you to enable in-depth performance tracing. Also it is a generic method that can be applied, not only to Oracle software, on the whole participating elements / nodes / etc of your topology. Gerwin’s presentation made a very positive impact in the spring off this year during Hotsos, so if you weren’t there…have a look during OOW2K8…

Gerwins presentation for OOW2K8 is the following:

Session ID: S300193
Session Title: Jumping The GAPP
Track: Oracle Develop: Service-Oriented Architecture





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