Latest Oracle Pricing List – new suites and options give interesting insights


Oracle recently published the most recent version of their global price list. I am not sure how it translates to local transactions (for example if and how the currency exchange rates are applied). And I cannot say I understand all the options listed. But some of the entries are interesting nevertheless. See for the detailed list.

This is the first list from Oracle to include the BEA products. For example the WebLogic Server Standard Edition. The price charged for WebCenter is still impressive – unfortunately. Oracle Portal – the Portal platform, not the billing application – does not appear in the list separately or as option on the Internet Application Server.

The price list has the new suites in middleware: WebLogic Suite with the options BPEL Process Manager, Service Bus, SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware and the Business Process Management Suite.

Separately – and impressively – priced is the Enterprise Repository (the Service Registry and SOA Governance solution).  Other middleware listings: WebLogic Integration, SOA Suite for Non Oracle Middleware (I have no idea what that is), Business Process Management Suite for Non Oracle Middleware, Event-Driven Architecture Suite and Data Integration Suite. Oracle Rules is not a separate entry in the list.

I was pleasantly surprised by the processor license fee for Oracle Coherence. Then again: in a grid you probably pay a fee for each node – then it can still add up…

The price list contains the quite formidable line This document is the property of Oracle Corporation. Any reproduction of this document in part or in whole is strictly prohibited. For educational purposes only. Subject to change without notice. I am not sure what exactly I am at liberty to write about.  The list is freely available though at the above mentioned url. I suggest you check out the prices yourself….

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Lucas Jellema, active in IT (and with Oracle) since 1994. Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Developer Champion. Solution architect and developer on diverse areas including SQL, JavaScript, Kubernetes & Docker, Machine Learning, Java, SOA and microservices, events in various shapes and forms and many other things. Author of the Oracle Press book Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook. Frequent presenter on user groups and community events and conferences such as JavaOne, Oracle Code, CodeOne, NLJUG JFall and Oracle OpenWorld.


  1. Hi, you should see the BEA pricing list!! Oracle managed to bring their 100 pages back to a mere 3 pages.

  2. All in all Oracle has a massive array of products/components. Still pricing continues to be mystery. I expect Oracle and the like will continue to get into more and more competition – as open source (and ‘free’) offerings are maturing day by day. With the recent acquisition of BEA, Oracle’s strategy of how to integrate the various parts in a architectural sound platform is far from clear – at least to me. This should take away initial hesitation of organizations wanting to opt for OSS solutions, to pick and choose best of breed components and weld them into ‘their’ platform.