HOTSOS 2K8 – Prequals


It’s Sunday and the first signs from the up coming Hotsos 2008 symposium are beginning to show in the Omni Hotel. The conference rooms are being set-up and the hotel is preparing to receive its extra hotel arrivals.  I wanted to do some research on certain XMLDB stuff and needed a fresh software install. Because I picked the wrong 11g OS release I have to download it from OTN. One markers for its new arrivals is that my download Wifi speed has been reduced from 190 KB/Sec to 76 KB/Sec during the end of the day.

Gerwin, Patrick and me, started off with a decent continental breakfast and afterwards went for a walk. It was a warm outside but during the day it became more and more clouded. The nice weather disappeared and more and more clouds showed up. The first signs for the cool days to come. 

Bad weather moving in... 

Midway, back at the hotel, Gerwin went back at his hotel room for reviewing his presentation for Monday. 

Not for commercial use... 

Patrick and me, had a small detour via the Mustangs at Las Colinas and then went back to the hotel as well, also because the weather became more brisk.



In the afternoon, we checked in for the symposium and had some nice talks with Neil, Cary, Alex, Toon, Anjo, Christian and James. Cary and Alex were presented with a typical dutch present.  Some real dutch originals which Alex proudly wore during the evening. If it becomes to painful then here are some alternative usages Smiley

Click here ! 

While writing this post, I am scrolling to Mondays presentations and it will not be easy to pick the correct session. I will have to make at lease 2 choices, regarding presentations at the same time, I both want to see. Probably I will decide tomorrow at the last moment, which one will be hopefully the most useful one. An other issue that doesn’t make it easy as well is the fact that I dedicated myself for writing an article for a Dutch magazine and I am in doubt if I should pick a presentation based on the that magazine target audience or should choose for future work related issues. I guess it will be some of both worlds.



Keep you posted



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