Hands-on introduction to Oracle 11g at the AMIS KC Server Development event, Donderdag 1 november, 16.30 uur


We have been playing with Oracle 11g for quite some time now. Walking around in the toy-store if you like. Trying out many new features, trying to push them to the limit and abuse in interesting ways. Like the Partial Table Flashback using DBMS_COMPARISON, the Dynamic Business Rules using Virtual Columns, the Dynamic SQL within SQL using XMLQuery. Of course, using the new functionality for what it is intended for is also quite interesting!

During the AMIS Knowledge Center for Server Development – Thursday 1st November, 16.30 – 21.00 – Alex and I will report on our trips to the toy store. We will demonstrate many new 11g functions, explain how you can use them and if & why we think they are useful. Apart from our breathtaking demonstrations, there is plenty of opportunity for you to work with 11g yourself in the hands-on section of this event.

Registering for this event can be done at: http://www.amis.nl/activiteiten.php?id=531 . CU@AMIS. (also see some our blog-articles on Oracle 11g at https://technology.amis.nl/blog/?page_id=2309 )

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