Presenting: the freeware Quest CodeGen Utility – great for PL/SQL (and for other database and non-database related development) (AMIS Academy, 27-jun-2007)


Wednesday 27th June, during the 4th AMIS Academy, Patrick Barel from VDA will present an introduction on QCGU, Quest CodeGen Utility – a freeware utility from Quest, inspired and co-developed by Steven Feuerstein. The QCGU tool can be seen as a Design Pattern Factory or Template Driven Code Generator. It comes loaded with a large number of PL/SQL oriented templates and hundreds of scripts containing reusable code and templates for
PL/SQL developers and Oracle DBAs.  Best of all, the script repository is
extensible: you can create your own application-specific templates and establish
your own toolbox of handy utilities.

Patrick will demonstrate the tool, hand out some goodies and try to inspire us into using QCGU to make our lives easier and his personal time investment in this tool even more worthwhile. QCGU can be downloaded from: .

You can attend this presentation -which is part of the AMIS Academy, sporting 14 additional presentations as well – by registering at: .

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Lucas Jellema, active in IT (and with Oracle) since 1994. Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Developer Champion. Solution architect and developer on diverse areas including SQL, JavaScript, Docker, Machine Learning, Java, SOA and microservices, events in various shapes and forms and many other things. Author of the Oracle Press books: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Handbook and Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook. Frequent presenter on community events and conferences such as JavaOne, Oracle Code and Oracle OpenWorld.

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  1. Since it will be a presentation of an hour, I hope to show most of the potential of the tool. I will touch on the extensibility, the QDA and if there is time left, show some of the Delphi code generated with CodeGen. Maybe, if people are interested, we can do a hands-on in the future. On the goodies: I got some from VDA and some from Quest too. Hope to see you there.
    Kindest regards,