AMIS Technical Session: A closer look at Oracle Toplink (aka EclipseLink) – donderdag 7 juni, 18.00 uur


Oracle and Java are two of the main areas of our (at AMIS) expertise. They come together in many different ways, but particularly in Oracle Toplink. Peter Ebell, a long standing Toplink expert, formerly of Oracle Consulting’s Center of Excellence, now Expertise Manager at AMIS, takes us on a tour of Toplink. He will discuss the EJB 3.0 JPA and how Toplink provides an implementation of that API. Then he will talk about what Toplink has to offer over and above the JPA. He may point out some obvious advantages of Toplink over plain JPA (as for example with Toplink essentials). Important Toplink features include the Shared Session Cache and the advanced Toplink Query Language, apart from several Oracle RDBMS optimizations.

With Oracle’s recent announcement of donating Toplink to the Open Source community, the Eclipse Foundation, as EclipseLink, Toplink becomes an even more serious player in the ORM arena, going on to threaten the position of Hibernate (Toplink being the more mature framework (as of 1995, even predating Java), providing richer functionality and now open source as well). Peter will talk about some of the implications of this announcement and some of the additional features in EclipseLink in addition to plain (well, call that plain…) ORM, such as O-XM (Object XML Mapping) and support for SDO, WebServices and EIS (with JCA).

The session is held at Thursday, June 7th in Nieuwegein (AMIS office) and starts around 18.00 with dinner and will run until a little later than 21.00 hours. You can find more details on this session and register for attending it (free of charge of course) at: .

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Lucas Jellema, active in IT (and with Oracle) since 1994. Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Developer Champion. Solution architect and developer on diverse areas including SQL, JavaScript, Docker, Machine Learning, Java, SOA and microservices, events in various shapes and forms and many other things. Author of the Oracle Press books: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Handbook and Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook. Frequent presenter on community events and conferences such as JavaOne, Oracle Code and Oracle OpenWorld.

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