New XML(DB) related whitepapers available from Ken Atkins


During OPP 2007, two presentations by Ken Atkins where given regarding XML(DB) items, featues and best practices. My collegae Alex Nuijten was also attending, and presenting, and hinted me regarding Ken’s presentation whitepapers.

Ken’s presentation handsouts can be found here:

Wednesday: Getting XML Data into and out of Oracle
Thursday: Storing and Manipulating XML in the Database

Topics discussed and presented by Ken:

Ken Atkins: Getting XML Data into and out of Oracle

XML is very powerful as a method of transporting data between different applications or databases. Because of this, PL/SQL developers are often faced with the task of creating XML documents from data in normalized Oracle tables, or of storing the data in XML documents back into normalized Oracle tables. This session will present various tools and techniques that are available to the PL/SQL developer to read, write, and manipulate XML documents with the express purpose of getting the XML information into and out of standard Oracle tables. Multiple approaches will be discussed, including XDK (XML Developer’s Toolkit), XML DB, and XMLType methods. Useful examples of every technique will be presented and discussed. The focus of this session is on translating between XML documents and the database, not on storing, manipulating, or validating the XML. Those topics will be covered in another session.

Ken Atkins: Storing and Manipulating XML in the Database

In some application designs, you may have a need to store XML as XML in the database and manipulate it there. This session will present how to do this using various PL/SQL XML manipulation tools that are available in Oracle, such as the XDK (XML Developer’s Toolkit), XML DB, and the XMLType Oracle Type. Various methods of storing the XML in the database will be presented, including CLOBs, XMLType columns, and XML tables. Methods for querying the data directly from the XML in each of these cases will be presented. Storing XML Schemas in the database and using these schemas to validate XML documents will also be covered. Useful examples of every technique will be presented and discussed.

Not much XMLDB related information is published, yet, on the internet, therefore hereby a small post from me about new available information.


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  1. Hi! I’m also interested in this two presentations. Unfortunately the links are not working anymore, so it would be great if you could send me the two files!
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