Pimp you SQL Developer


SQL Developer released a 1.1 evaluation version a couple of days ago, which you can download here,
and I noticed something very familiair.
In Firefox you can have search plugins and I use these a lot. SQL Developer now also has the same plugins that I use, except the one
to search through the AMIS Technology Blog….
Because I already created a search plugin for Firefox it was easy to pimp
SQL Developer. Simply add the search plugin to the searchengines folder, located in the sqldeveloper-folder and your set.
Pimped SQL Developer

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  1. By the way if you want this search box in JDeveloper you can get it though the help->check for updates->open source extensions

    And for the guy who looks for support for non Oracle JDBC driver – take a pick at JDeveloper it does support other JDBC drivers and offers many DB related features that will work with non-oracle DBs.