Comments on: Meta Data Driven User Interface with Dojo and Spring MVC Friends of Oracle and Java Thu, 21 May 2015 20:49:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: Erik Kerkhoven Fri, 19 Jan 2007 02:15:53 +0000 Hello Jie, I completely agree with you about the fact that our Controller is no longer unware about the view technology. A JsonView is indeed good news. Can you send me more details, an URL for example, about that? Thank you very much for your reaction. In an other post I describe a solution we came up with regarding the integration of Dojo and Spring’s SimpleFormController, see: This is also a difficult issue. Did you already think about that? Maybe you can have a look at it and provide a better solution. Regards.

By: Jie Sun Thu, 18 Jan 2007 01:48:47 +0000 Hi Erik, thanks for the article, I am also working on using DOJO tree where we are already using Spring. One thing with your article is the to wrap up response in JSON format (I guess in your DOJOActionControll superclass), this will tie up spring controller with specifics (JSON format) of front end. I doubt if it is a good idea. The good news is that in some of the discussion forum, we already find a way to extend Spring’s view object, such as define a JsonView which we override the renderMergedOutputModel method to have it return the data with JSON format. I think it is a better way to extend Spring and not have its controller tied up with view. Hope this will help.

By: Erik Tue, 26 Sep 2006 12:21:47 +0000 Hi guys, Thanks for your reaction. The problem with sending the source is that we are working on a project that that has a non disclosure agreement. But if you have questions, maybe I can answer. You might also contact AMIS sales representative Reinier at

By: Christophe TAVERNE Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:03:48 +0000 Hi,

Thank you a lot for you article!
very interesting.

I’m agree with John. Please could you send us a sample?
some part aren’t clear for me and it could help me a lot.



By: John Boyd Wed, 20 Sep 2006 14:30:54 +0000 Eric,

Do you have a sample application demonstrating this that you could send me. I would like to study it for a project that I am working on.

Best Regards,

John Boyd