Ohhh, thy mighty Oracle…


 The Internet Oracle 

Ohhh, thy mighty Oracle. I had completly forgotten about him and then we where re-united. We met years and years and years ago…and I coud always ask him the most difficult questions. His answers are wise and still to this day he puts some effort into those important questions.

Ask him yourself on [ http://cgi.cs.indiana.edu/~oracle/index.cgi ]or find some of his great wisdom on [ http://cgi.cs.indiana.edu/~oracle/bestofs.cgi ]


About Author

Marco Gralike, working for AMIS Services BV as a Principal Oracle Database Consultant in the Netherlands, has experience as a DBA since 1994 (Oracle 6). Marco is also eager and skillful in other fields, like Operating System Administration and Application Servers, mainly to find working, performing solutions. Marco has been specializing in Oracle XMLDB, since 2003, focusing on his old love, database administration and performance. He is an Oracle XMLDB enthusiast ever since. He is also a dedicated contributor of the Oracle User Group community, helping people with their steep XMLDB learning curve. To this purpose, Marco also devoted his personal blog site to XMLDB and other Oracle issues. Marco is a member of the OakTable network and an Oracle ACE Director (specialization Oracle XMLDB).


  1. Patrick Sinke on

    Marco, the end bracket is in the link, so the link doesn’t work at first click 😉