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One more minor point, you might have noticed that since the location Id in the HR
schema was a 4 digit number, I had to change the
service and the client code to insert a long.

Hence in the createDept method looks as follows:

public Department createDept(Long deptno, String dname,
Long loc) {
final Department dept = new Department();
return dept;

and in, the create line looks as follows:

hrmService.createDept(new Long(280),”New Dept”, new Long(1800));


By: Keshava Rangarajan Tue, 03 Jan 2006 01:19:47 +0000 Oops sorry typo! Meant to say Oracle Express Database not Epress database!

By: Keshava Rangarajan Tue, 03 Jan 2006 01:18:21 +0000 Lucas,
Thanks a lot for your excellent example. Just got your example working in JDev
with the Epress database using the sample HR schema.
Needed a few minor changes to make it happen. Here they are:

1. In the persistence.xml file the value to the connection string:

2. The JDBC user and password (of course)

2. The persistence mapping entries for the persistent objects:


public class Department implements Serializable {

public Long getDeptno() {

public String getDname() {

public Long getLocation() {


public class Employee implements Serializable {

public Double getComm() {

public Long getDeptno() {

@Column(name=”EMPLOYEE_ID”, nullable=false)
public Long getEmpno() {

public String getEname() {

public Timestamp getHiredate() {

public String getJob() {

public Long getMgr() {

public Double getSal() {

I’ll now start playing around with the mappings. Thanks again!


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He is very helpful for a begginer like me.