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I’m not familiar with SQL Navigator, all I known is that it’s a Quest Tool but that’s it. Why don’t you give SQLTools a try and let us know what you think of it and how it compares to SQL Navigator.

By: Prasanth Kurian Thu, 29 Sep 2005 10:42:21 +0000 /?p=463#comment-1926 How is it Different SQL-tool is different from SQL Navigator.I am in search for an open source product which is functionally equivalant (Even better) to SQL Navigator.
Can anybody Help.

Thanks in advance,
Prasanth Kurian

By: Alex Nuijten Mon, 21 Mar 2005 07:34:45 +0000 /?p=463#comment-1925
When you don’t have a Tool like Toad, but you want something similar, consider TOra.

The biggest difference between TOAD and SQLTools is the price ;-).
TOAD is a great product, but most of the extra’s you get for free (well, not really free), I never use. A lot of these extra’s are of interest when you’re a DBA, and I’m not. The only things I do use in TOAD are the Schema Browser (to look at the data and source code), the SQL Window (for ad hoc queries) and the Procedure Editor. I’m still amazed a debugger is optional….
SQL*Navigator I have never used.

I think SQLTools is like combining SQL*Plus and your favourite editor rolled into one. And if they would expand it with say a code assistant, source control plugin and a code formatter, it could be all you need as a SQL or PL/SQL developer. Oh… add a debugger to the wishlist :)

(my french is terrible :(, but if you’re looking for documentation, you can find it here

By: saber nouioua Sun, 20 Mar 2005 08:53:49 +0000 /?p=463#comment-1924 j’ai besoin de ce logiciel et la documentation svp appeller moi sur l’email

By: Kris Fri, 18 Mar 2005 15:29:28 +0000 /?p=463#comment-1923 May be this tool make sense when you don’t have TOAD or SQL*Navigator. How is it different from TOAD or SQL*Navigator?