Comments on: AskTom Live with Tom Kyte! – day two Friends of Oracle and Java Sat, 25 Apr 2015 11:36:47 +0000 hourly 1 By: Lucas Fri, 11 Feb 2005 12:30:34 +0000 /?p=393#comment-1699 Of course some things cannot be done by the database and standard PL/SQL, such as reaching out to the filesystem (yes we have dbms_lob and utl_file, but they cannot for example read the contents of a directory), reaching out to other non-Oracle databases (except when you have Oracle gateways), reaching out to the internet in more advanced ways than utl_http and utl_tcp support (although grantedly I do not have a meaningful example rightaway).

Then there are things that PL/SQL can do – but not any better than Java, such as generating HTML. When you are thinking about scalable solutions, you could and probably should wonder whether using PL/SQL and therefore database resources, for producing HTML – especially the none-data driven HTML, provides the optimial, most scalable solution. Kyte is a big fan of HTML DB and MOD_PLSQL in general and I have used a lot of MOD_PLSQL in developing the Repository Object Browser (pka ODWA), but I really do not believe it a very scalable architecture. Perhaps if one database acts as data server and another as PL/SQL application server you have a more scalable layout. Personally, I’d go for the most efficient way of gathering the data to use for a webpage (for example using a PL/SQL based API that collects all data, in Collections or ref-cursors) and returning it to a Java based middle tier that sticks it into fancy HTML.