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Last year I spent a lot of time on a project using Eclipse as IDE. I like it very much. I allways call it a real developers tool. It works intuitiveally, has great features ( refactoring is much better supported ). As java IDE I ‘ve found JDeveloper lagging. Well if I read the signs right JDeveloper’s upcoming release will make up some ground

Recently I’ve been working with JDeveloper 10g a bit more (researching ADF). I was very pleasantly surprised with the CSS editor. It has code insight/completion (comes very handy when pondering questions like “was it align-right or right-align?”. And also it has a color picker making it very eay to choose a color for attributes that take a color.

Another thing when working in the JSP editor was the awareness when working in an image tag. when i type the src attribute JDeveloper automatically starts a file dialog allowing you to pick a file from the filesystem

They seem trivial, but sometimes it is these small things which make a tool really enjoyable

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  1. Eclipse is a piece of marketing of IBM.
    JDeveloper and JBuilder are much better that it.

  2. Glad to hear that you like the CSS code editor. JDeveloper 10.1.3 Preiew (to be released soon) has lot of Java centric features (like refactoring). Would encourage people to download (when it’s available) the 10.1.3 preview and checkit out! Our team (JSP Visual Editor) hope to improve the CSS editing features for 10.1.3 production. Stay tuned…

  3. Leon van Tegelen on

    Jan, I agree, Eclipse Rocks. I agree, JDeveloper still lags at this moment in time. When developing Java I personally will still pick Eclipse. For example refactoring in Eclipse is
    far superior, CVS integration, navigator window. Point I was trying to get accross is that it is not always (almost never?) the big things like wizards and the wysiwyg stuff which make an IDE enjoyable, but the seemingly small things (doubleclick om a tab and get a full-screen editor in Eclipse) ,
    the intuitive features. Maybe Developing Comfort is the word I’m searching for.

  4. Why would you need such a technical thing like a CSS editor in JDeveloper. I thought JDeveloper was all about wysiwyg 😉 Don’t they include a wizard or something to do this. I too recently used JDeveloper again, to draw an ERD 🙂

    JDeveloper still lagging in my book – not going to change soon either.
    Eclipse rocks.