Free J2EE and XML Development book

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Four your information, the book J2EE and XML Development by Kurt Gabrick and Dave Weiss can be downloaded for free at the Topics include Java and XML (e.g. JDOM vs. DOM, JAX-B), XML & persistency and XML & application integration.

[edit jasper] Free service for the _really_ lazy: here’s the link to the zipfile. (TSS-registration required)

11 thoughts on “Free J2EE and XML Development book

  1. In due time, this will be the least significant post on the Blog, but with the most comments! 😉

  2. i am studing first mba(system).i like to read j2ee book.
    so kindly request to you send give a sample book

  3. Yes me new on java like too books for free. send me please and want to know more
    ecxuse for me engliesh bad, because i am from holland thancyou

  4. sir,
    i am B.Tech student.i want to learn j2ee.please send book to my mail or tips of java.i shall be great ful for you forever.. thank you..yours sincerely chandrashekhar..

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