PLDoc release 0.8.2 Available


At 21st July 2004, release 0.8.2 of the PLDoc open source project for generating JavaDoc style documentation for PL/SQL Code (and now also Tables and Views) was published. PLDoc is very useful for producing high quality and standardized PL/SQL Documentation. It is good to see how active this project is! For an introduction see also my ODTUG 2004 paper Cross Breeding Java and PL/SQL.

From the list of recent changes in PLDoc:


* New: initial support for parsing tables and views (only simpler cases yet)
* New: in application.xml, use instead of
and instead of (code submitted by Steve Holt)
* Fixed: Keyword PIPELINED unknown (#939294)
* Fixed: invocation of pldoc.bat fails when pldoc is installed into directory with spaces in the path (#876225)
* Fixed: Runtime/command line parameter to skip unparsable files (#832509)
* Fixed: corrected name extracting for multiple-word datatypes (like LONG RAW and REF CURSOR)
* Fixed: unable to use timestamp with time zone data type (#971941)


* New: Ant task (#769012)
* Changed: all source files moved to src directory
* Changed: build-related files moved to build directory
* Changed: pldoc.jar now contains also *.xsl, *.css and *.dtd files
* Fixed: lower case pragma causes error (#827062)
* Fixed: dumps on reserved word DETERMINISTIC (#711093)
* Fixed: NULL modifier in the COLUMN definition (#831256)


* Changed: Xalan jars upgraded from version 2.2.D14 to 2.5.1
* New: option -inputencoding to specify character encodings of input files
* New: show types defined in package spec (#638551)
* New: Better anchors (#650466)
* New: Align func/proc parameters by the first (#650501)
* New: Add a command line options to control case convertion (#771453)

About Author

Lucas Jellema, active in IT (and with Oracle) since 1994. Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Developer Champion. Solution architect and developer on diverse areas including SQL, JavaScript, Kubernetes & Docker, Machine Learning, Java, SOA and microservices, events in various shapes and forms and many other things. Author of the Oracle Press book Oracle SOA Suite 12c Handbook. Frequent presenter on user groups and community events and conferences such as JavaOne, Oracle Code, CodeOne, NLJUG JFall and Oracle OpenWorld.


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  2. I just came across Natural Docs, which provides an alternative for PLDoc. It support generation of documentation for 14 programming languages in a more or less generic way – that should mean that you can easily mix documentation for PL/SQL, Java, JavaScript. Of course it is not specifically geared towards PL/SQL so it may not have all nuances that PLDoc has. It also strays somewhat farther away from JavaDoc, as it offers an alternative to JavaDoc. But looks good! I should give it a try and see how it works out in actual practice.