Comparison Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL


A research team of the Alice project from the Dutch Institute for Nuclear and High Engery Physics (NIKHEF) wrote a very elaborate comparison on Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. This document can be found here. At the end of the page there is a table with a very nice summary of (the support of) the main features.

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  2. The link in your post is not correct (anymore): 404 (of course the server could be down but I am not sure how permanent that might be)

  3. Zeger Hendrikse on

    My impression is (from both links) that PostgreSQL is the better database, in particular because of the ACID compliance. Apparently from version 7.1 the stability of PostgreSQL has improved to such an extent, that this should not favour MySQL as much anymore as it did. Of course, the much larger user base of MySQL and its security capabilities remain a strong pre.