OOW 2012 – The Big Stories

The show is over, the visitors are on their way home. The process of digesting the announcements, roadmaps and rumors – confirmed or not – can proceed in full swing. What has become of last year’s plans, what are this year’s plans (for next year and beyond) and what has materialized in terms of Oracle’s product portfolio. For everyone, the answers to these questions and the conclusions will be somewhat different – depending on focus, expectations and requirements. However, some conclusions will be shared by most who attended Oracle Open World 2012.

Without a doubt, some of the important themes were and will be: cloud – and at respectable distance – the next generation of database technology (12c) and of engineered systems (Exa… X3-v2), of mobile availability of both standard applications (Fusion Applications and other Oracle Applications products) and custom Portals and applications  (through ADF Mobile on iOS and Android)

Facts and Opinions

The Facts may seem the easy part – since these are more or less objective – but as soon as interpretation and clarification enter the fray , the absoluteness of the facts is not assured. For example around availability: is the Oracle Cloud available – or is it not? Fact: some organizations (100s) make use of SaaS offerings. Facts: 10ks of users that applied for access to the Java Cloud after OOW 2011 have still not gained access to it.

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