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Become Friends?

Working together, that’s what counts most to us. With you, our partners and our employees. We offer solutions from within your perspective, act as co-creator and co-sourcer and invent, initiate and implement innovative partnerships with you. AMIS builds on teams of enterprising professionals who are able to look beyond the borders of their own specialty and combine result with unconventional thinking. People with a passion for IT.

Want to know more about working together according to AMIS? Please feel free to contact Paul Uijtewaal.

We want to help the customer progress by utilizing high-quality information technology. It is our aim to realize targets in cooperation with our customers thanks to standard software, our custom-made applications and our services. In short, to achieve results with IT.

Passion for our job

We care about applying our knowledge for the customer’s benefit in the best possible way. This passion for our job could be said to be a compulsory element in our culture within AMIS.


Getting results by doing what you love is great, but realizing them together gives them even more value. Cooperation is something we cherish. We hone our knowledge and experiences by sharing them with colleagues and customers. In our view this makes knowledge more valuable. Thus everyone is very welcome to attend the knowledge sessions that we organize or take part in discussions on this blog.


AMIS is based in a building that is open, with a lot of room and light. This is also what our organisation is about:. transparent and informal with honest communication. We stimulate each other in our personal growth, by talking to each other about the good but also about the not so good results. We are open to positive feedback so we can improve.


By being approachable, you will automatically be open to new experiences that are good for you, namely improvements. AMIS continuously keeps its ears and eyes open so as to follow the latest innovations and to adopt them if they are useful. This is useful for us and most of all useful for the customers that we work with.

The results

The result of this culture is the reason that large and medium-sized companies do business with us. These companies choose AMIS for its results-oriented method of cooperation, and have often been doing so for a number of years. But our appealing culture is also one of the reasons that new customers choose AMIS.