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4 Pivoting in SQL using the 10g Model Clause

In this post we discuss pivoting of records in SQL – either splitting or merging records. Typically this is done using PL/SQL based Table Functioins, UNION (for splitting records) and fairly complex, tricky SQL statements. In Oracle 10g, using the MODEL clause, there is a clean, fairly straightforward way to achieve elegant pivoting – even nested pivoting – in single SQL statements. This post shows the pivot operation using the Model clause.

Data Warehousing & BI
0 Parallelizing Table Functions (instead of paralysing)

In this post I explore the parallel execution of Table Functions. I was told it could be done, I have seen the examples and now I have tried it myself, using my single CPU machine running XP and Oracle 10g Database (Enterprise Edition). Parallel Execution proves to be an enormous performance boost – in certain circumstances.