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3 OOW2K6 – Unbreakable Linux – The next stage

Unbreakable Linux and updates on upcoming 11g release

Mr. Larry Ellison’s keynote blew everything of the table for today; at least it did for me and let’s be honest, this is (IMHO) great news. OK, the rumors were there for a long time, but then again, it was never out in the open and confirmed.

4 OOW2K6 – and Mr. Kyte has left the building…

Tuesday – Getting into the spirit

I am just joking, so far I haven’t seen an Elvis look-a-like in town, but I would be very interested how Thomas Kyte felt about his session this morning for this huge audience.

But I will start with the beginning. I started off this Tuesday morning in the Hilton Hotel, with Thomas Kyte’s presentation “Things you think you know”. I hadn’t really planned this session, but I am glad, I am really glad I did. Mr. Kyte is a very gifted speaker and knows what he speaking of, which helps ;-). Despite the fact that I had sometimes the feeling: “OK, what’s the big deal. It should be all common knowledge or at least, if you use your common sense, it shouldn’t be a new topic to you”. The brilliant metaphors he used, where priceless, funny and with al lot of wit addressed to the audience, so if that didn’t trigger them to think next time, then I don’t know how you should do it better…

0 OOW2K6 – Newbie impressions…

It’s amazing how much Lucas already put to “paper”, despite all the mishaps we already encountered. The last two days I lost track on Lucas because he has completely different interests / agenda, and of course he also has to prepare for his sessions as a speaker.

Anyway here’s my input to all the great posts on the web already done (have a look at for most of them). As pointed out a time ago, my main interest is XML DB. Beside those sessions, I will also pinpoint some on performance, Oracle Content Directory and Open Source speeches, like those on Linux and PHP (future directions). These are old interests with whom I try to keep up, but can’t spend so much time on as in the past, because XML DB forces me to read and learn about stuff I put aside me a long time ago, or in other words neglected, for instance object (orientated) relational objects.

As a newbie (so I am fitting the profile) on this conference, I already missed apparently some important keynotes, but reading the posts of others today, I also realized that this makes my life a little bit easier, because it is now out in the open and I can address them, to a certain point, by name (11g).

See the following:

I will try to make my impressions, as a newbie, a little bit more colorful (pictures!), because I really enjoyed the posts made by my colleague Alex, on one of the last ODTUG meetings in the States where he spoke and attended…