Name JHeadstart Designer Generator – How (when and if) to approach a migration from Forms to a J2EE architecture date Sat, 15 Jun 2002

This paper was prepared for ODTUG 2002 (while the presenter was still working for Oracle Corporation)

An introducton to the JHeadstart Designer Generator (JDG), a tool for generating J2EE applications from Oracle Designer (using BC4J and UIX). The presentation is also a management overview for deciding how and when (even if) to migrate from Oracle Forms technology a the J2EE platform. Created by Lucas Jellema, at the time member of the JHeadstart development team at Oracle and architect of the JDG and several other JHeadstart components.



Name PL/SQL to Java – OGH Jubileum Congres (Dutch) date Wed, 16 Oct 2002

During the OGH (Dutch Oracle User Group), AMIS’s Lucas Jellema presented on the theme of “PL/SQL to Java”. He advocated a careful decision making process on a per application basis to determine which technology [stack]was the more suitable. Later developments seem to have proved him right.

Zie OGH visie najaar 2002 (PDF, 1.6 MB) voor een verslag van deze presentatie.


Presentatie PL/SQL to Java