Dear visitor, our apologies.


Sadly someone exploited a weakness in one of the WordPress plugins to gain access to this site. As a result, we were forced to remove the blog from the internet. The hackers where able to use our blog for Spam activities. These activities continued for approx. 4 Hours, after which we notified the traffic and altered our firewall rules to stop the offending traffic. As a result the technology wasn’t available for our guests, and for this we apologize.

In the meanwhile we have installed a new server with the latest OS patches and latest WordPress and WP plugin versions. We weren’t able to restore all the functionality, and original plugins up to this point. As a result the following features are not available for our guest visitors atm:

  • Login using your old account. All non-AMIS accounts have been suspended for this time.
  • Commenting under our posts
  • Advanced Post Rating
  • Custom view settings, profiles etc.
  • Hacking this blog using the userphoto plugin :-)


We are working hard to restore all the old features.

Regards, SiteAdmin


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