Publications written in 2010

Name Oracle Fusion Applications – de nieuwe standaard in applicaties?, AppWorks, december 2010 date 2nd December 2010
Click IntroductieVanOracleFusionApplications_AppWorks_Dec2010.pdf for this article.
Name Masterclass Leveraging the Oracle Database in Java Applications, december 2010 date 17th December 2010
Click to download the sources for the demos for this masterclass.
Name Java ontwikkelaars: zet de Database aan het werk, Java Magazine, december 2010 date 2nd December 2010
Click JavaMagazine_LaatDeDatabaseVoorJeWerken_partOne_dec2010.pdffor this article.
Name Java Developers make the Database work for You, NLJUG JFall, 2010 date 3rd November 2010
Click JavaDevelopersMakeTheDatabaseWorkForYou.ppt“for this presentation.
Name The Hollywood Principle – on dependency injection (ODTUG Technical Journal,Q4 2010) date 21 Oct 2010
Click ODTUG_Q4_2010_FusionColumn_The-Hollywood_Principle.pdf“for this article.
Name Report from JavaOne 2010 (Java Magazine 5, 2010) date 21 Oct 2010
Click JAV0510_JavaOne_1181711.pdf“>for this article.
Name Maven 3 – Paving the desire lines (Java Magazine 4, 2010) date 25 Aug 2010
Click javamagazine-maven3.pdf“>for this article.
Name Wat is er allemaal aan de hand? Introductie van Real Time Intelligence en Complex Event Processing (Java Magazine) date 10 Jan 2010
Klik JavaMagazineCEP_partOneOfTwo“>hier voor het artikel.
Name A world of events where news travels fast (FUSION COLUMN FOR THE ODTUG TECHNICAL JOURNAL – MARCH 2010) date March 2010
Download ODTUG_TechJournalMarch2010_FusionColumn
Name The reusability test – Fusion Column, ODTUG Technical Journal Q3 2010 date July 2010
Download FusionColumn_reuse_july2010.pdf
Name Integratie tussen Complex Event Processing en Java applicaties (deel 2 van 2, Maart 2010, Java Magazine) date Maart 2010
Download Complex_Event_ProcessingDeel2
Name Oracle Open World 2010 date September 2010
Download OracleOpenWorld2010
Name Oracle Open World 2010 date September 2010
Download PuzzelenmetSQLFileleed
Name Oracle Open World 2010 @ AMIS date September 2010
Download Part One
Download Part Two
Name Oracle Database 11g R2 voor ontwikkelaars – deel 1, Optimize, May 2010 date 3rd March 2010
Click Oracle_11g_R2_voor_ontwikkelaars_deel_1.pdffor this article.
Name Oracle Database 11g R2 voor ontwikkelaars deel2 – Edition Based Redefinition: Tijdens de verbouwing gaat de verkoop door., Optimize, May 2010 date 10th May 2010
Click Oracle_11g_R2_voor_ontwikkelaars_deel_2.pdffor this article.



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