Oracle 11g: New sql.bsq structure


Probably one of the oldest database scripts around is the sql.bsq file. First comments described in the heading of this file date from 1994 ("anori – 11/17/94 – ADT support tables and columns"). In the "old days", the days when I started (Oracle version 6, 7), it was common to alter this file a little bit, regarding table storage options, so it fitted our data dictionary tablespace layout. The purpose of these alterations was to achieve an increase in performance and avoid fragmentation (see, for example, here, for some information about the approach in "those" days).

The sql.bsq file is called during database creation and creates, among others, the data dictionary.

During a discussion with Oracle Development I wanted to check how the preferred data types were defined during database creation. I got side-tracked. The sql.bsq resides in the "$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin" directory.  In Oracle 11g the sql.bsq file has been redefined. It looks like a Dutch person had his hands on it ("jklein – 08/01/05 – diag 11g – split-up into units"); "klein" is small in Dutch. I guess this ("klein") sounds somewhat appropriate in this context (splitting up sql.bsq).



As nowadays common for the catalog.sql script, the sql.bsq script contains references to other scripts. Most of them contain nothing new, just got a new

Files called from within the sql.bsq file are:





Creation of tablespace SYSTEM, rollback segment SYSTEM.
Creation of clu$, uet$, seg$, ts$, obj$, props$, edition$, defrole$, sysauth$, dual, etc.


Creation of link$, recyclebin$, duc$, trigger$, context$, etc


Creation of tablespace SYSAUX
Creation of sqllog$, sql$, sqltext$, sqlobj$, object_usage, etc.


Creation of procedure$, procedureinfo$, source$, error$, diana_version$, etc.


Creation of default UNDO, temporary, permanent tablespace
Creation of pending_trans$, pending_sessions$, etc.
Inserts of extra values in props$ 


Creation of map_file$, map_element$, map* etc


Creation of profile$, resource_cost$, resource*$, job$, etc.
Creation of profile "DEFAULT"


Creation of tsm_src$, service$, cluster_databases, dir$alert_history, etc.


Creation of user sys, public, role connect, etc.
Creation of audit$, aud$, SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE_MAP, rls$, fga$, etc.
Inserting values into SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE_MAP, grant ora$base to public


Creation of histgrm$, hist_head$, tab_stats$, ind_stats$, etc.


Creation of dir$, type$, collection$, method$, operator$, etc


Creation of javaobj$, javasnm$, etc.


Creation of partobj$, partcol$, lobfrag$, etc.


Creation of mlog$, slog$, snap$, snap_reftime$, cdc_system, streams$_capture_process, etc


Creation of aw$, aw_prop$, olap_mappings$, olap_models$, olap_primary_dimensions$


Creation of sum$, sumagg$, dim$, etc


Creation of role exp_full_database, select_catalog_role, etc
Creation of expimp_tts_ct$, metaview$, metascript$, etc


Creation of external_tab$, external_location$, etc


Creation of model$, modeltab$, modelset$, etc.

I guess everyone has his favorites. I didn’t name them all, nor do I guess this will be the final state. It is a good habit to take a little time and wander through the files and look-up what you find interesting. It will be an nice journey through the dictionary.


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