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I’ve downloaded and played Paul’s presentation that he presented in Las Vegas a few weeks ago: it’s probably the same one. And yes I indeed do like it. Paul and I are pretty much on the same wavelength concerning this topic, allthough I think that he is sometimes even more extreme than I am (is that possible? Yes it is…).
My views are expressed in this year’s Hotsos symposium: as you know I classify all code of a Window-on-Data (Wod) application into three classes: Data Logic, Business Logic and UI-Logic. Only the latter one should be implemented outside the DBMS. If you need scalability, security, maintainability and (yes even) agility, the first two ones must go into the DBMS and end up as lines of PL/SQL code. Period. Arguments can be found in the Hotsos presentation.

I wish I could be there at the beach…


PS. Just curious… did I get nominated again in any way?